Fear of Riding the Subway

For those of you who are not from NYC and are watching subway crime surge, I am sure you are saying to yourself, “How do they live in that city”.

On April 15, a gunman tried to annihilate a subway car full of passengers. On May 24th, Daniel Enrique was shot dead while riding the Q train. At 4:30 Pm ,On June 6, a woman was pushed to the tracks. And countless other slashings, muggings and attacks have taken place.

For New Yorkers riding the Subway is not an option. Most don’t have the luxury to telework. Most can’t afford to drive to work. And calling the daily Uber is just not realistic.

The Irony

June 7th, 6:30 am – the tranquility of the F train.

It’s moments like this that only New Yorkers can appreciate.

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